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Building something worthwhile for you requires more than good design. Having a sense of wonder and a vision beyond the technicalities is key to believing in the unbelievable. Every project I approach is an exciting adventure into the unknown... with a sturdy flashlight.


Brand identity and logo design

Your company brand, or professional personality, is much more than just a logo. Your brand collectively delivers the proper message at the proper volume with the proper attitude. I can help you through this interesting and enlightening process so that we can bring your business to the next level. Your brand collection could include print collateral, email and social media marketing, website design and development, signage, packaging, displays, catalogs, and apparel. You name it! Together we can develop a thoughtful recipe with the right ingredients.

Art Direction

The sole job of an Art Director is to supervise a creative process to a unified vision. I can help you navigate the creative journey, from the big picture down to the small details . I am also adept at building and leading a group of creative individuals like photographers, copywriters, illustrators, developers, and other vendors toward telling the same story.

Websites and screen media

Our daily information is increasingly delivered to us on screen. Your website and it's visual content plays a key role in targeting and influencing your viewer. I help you take an overall look at the choir of voices we use to deliver your message and craft them into something useful and effective.

Print collateral

When you know that the way to go is with something special and tangible, I will help you explore and develop the right touch. Booklets, invitations, brochures, cards, promotions, and direct-mail pieces are just some of the beautiful possibilities available to you.


Nearly anything can be packaged to create an interesting experience for your audience. Not just for products anymore, a structured system of containers can take almost any shape you can imagine. Let's make something wonderful.

Signage and environmental graphics

Signage can be promotional, navigational, architectural, functional, and just plain fun. Interior or exterior, graphic applications can identify, define, educate, and decorate. Consider how inspired signage can make the right impression for you.


From T-shirts to uniforms, coordinated and curated apparel can make an exceptionally positive impact on your audience. Let's discuss how apparel design might work for you.


It's best to start with a game plan, but because everyone has a different endgame, each strategy is unique. Beyond creating the visual design, I partner with you to talk through a number of scenarios and explore ideas so that we both know where you're headed. 


Of course there's more. There's always more. Sometimes that's the best part. Let's talk about what's on your mind and how we can conjure up a magical journey and make it a reality.


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